Merrit Jackson

Midlothian, VA

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My Design Style is

Bohemian Classic Coastal Contemporary Eclectic Glam Industrial Mid-Century Modern Minimalist Modern-Farmhouse

My design philosophy is

I believe that great design is like creating a story. When working with my clients, I love finding out what kind of story they want to tell…. do they want to be reminded of days spent hiking the trails with a layering of organic textures or maybe their story is one that speaks to the clean lines of the downtown skyline, framed by the window in their loft style living room.
The result should be a tangible reflection of what the client wanted to say and the emotional and functional experience they wanted to create when using their space. Regarding the designer-client relationship, the design process itself is just as important as the final product and asking the right questions is the only way to find the right answer.

Fun Fact about me

When I graduated high school, I was at a loss on career direction. I went to a few different colleges and changed majors three different times!
One weekend I visited my sister in Richmond, and she took me to the campus of VCU to look around. We stopped in the admin building, and I picked up a university catalogue. While flipping through, I saw the words “Interior Design.” That was the day I discovered an industry that needed a quirky, right brained, creative kid like me! I immediately enrolled. After graduating, I went on to become a certified interior designer after taking and passing the NCIDQ exam.
That was so many years ago (a number I will not divulge here), and since then, I have been blessed to grow a portfolio that encompasses everything from residential homes to multi-million-dollar hotel projects around the country and I have loved every minute of it!

I love E-design because

I really like the technology aspect of E-Design. As a designer, I am no longer limited by geography, flight times and interstate traffic! I can work with clients anytime and anywhere.

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