"Deazly helped us take our business to the next level. Their e-design service model takes the stress of creating designs out so we can focus on what we do best i.e., build"

Andrew Burk, Director @ Remodelmate Contractors

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Deazly is an online interior design platform that supports your home renovation projects with custom 3-D designs. Our unique e-design model provides interior design services for residential general contractors at an affordable price point, so you can focus on the renovation and leave the design process to us. This allows you to differentiate your services and provide designs that many general contractors cannot provide, all at an affordable price. Our general contractor customers have used our services to lock in projects and win rave reviews.

Are you a General Contractor trying to make a difference?

Do you want to provide interior design service to your clients at a reasonable price to differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Is your client delaying the project because he cannot make up his mind on products and finishes?

At DEAZLY we know you have a lot on your plate and helping homeowners with their design questions is the last thing on your mind.

Hiring an interior designer can feel intimidating or cost-prohibitive and so most homeowners opt-out, and depend on you (the GC) to make their design dreams come to life. This approach places an extra burden on you, as you have to help the clients design and select furnishings on top of everything else that’s on their plate. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

That’s where DEAZLY comes in. To focus on what matters the most to today’s homeowners. We have simplified the design process, embraced technology, and created an interior design service that is a fast, flexible, and affordable alternative to traditional interior design. Our realistic 3D design takes out the guesswork so the client can see how their room is going to look before it gets built. In the end, you get a design concept ready for you to execute for your client.

Let us take the interior design services off your hands so you can focus on the renovation.

We’ll let our numbers do the talking

  • We work for you Every project has a single point of contact to ensure that there is a smooth handoff from the design phase to the construction phase.

  • Realistic 3D Views Our realistic 3D designs take the guesswork out and shows you how the room should be built.

  • Post project help We know due to issues with the supply chain, items go out of stock often. We will replace products for no additional fees.

  • Discounted price on products for clientsSince we source directly from major retailers at discounted rates.


E-design or Online Interior Design is tailored for contractors that want to offer their clients interior design services, but not the high cost that comes with a traditional interior design firm.



Our online business model and the five-step streamlined process that we have designed are meant to be affordable, transparent, and fun. In the end, we provide high-quality design, 3D renderings, and a list of finishes and materials that you can use to take the project to completion. The process is easy for you and fun for them!

our process


  • Dedicated Designer

  • Dedicated Project Manager

  • Email & Phone Support

  • Mood Board or Realistic 3D View depending on project tier

  • Shopping List



  • Q1: What is the price for the B2B program?
  • It will be lower than the B2C rate. Our rate will be negotiated based on volume and turnover.

  • Q2: Who are the Interior Designers?
  • Our Interior Designers are professionals from across the United States & Canada. Designers apply and we review their education, experience, and qualification. Meet our designers and learn about them in ‘Our Designers.’

  • Q3: Do you offer 3D renderings of the new designs?
  • For flexibility, we offer two options to clients. Depending on the project tier, the final deliverable will include a 3D design rendering. Tier 2- Deazazzle me is our most popular tier and includes 3d designs, a shopping list, 2 optional designs, and 3 rounds of revision. You can see what this looks like in ‘Our Projects.’

  • Q4: Can I get just get a part of my home designed?
  • We are happy to design just a part of your home for you. We created our service so we can cater to the smallest of needs.

  • Q5: How does the payment process work?
  • You can pay us once the client is satisfied with the design and pays you.

  • Q6: Do we have to be involved in the design process?
  • It completely depends upon you. We are happy to coordinate with you at every step if you need that. Regardless we will represent you as your partners and ensure a smooth transition from the design phase to construction.


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