Traditionally hiring an interior designer has been expensive. But what is the alternative?!

We have turned the traditional design model upside down and offer radically affordable services to create your dream space!

DEAZLY is an online interior design studio that has transformed the interior design experience.

We empower homeowners by injecting technology and transparency into a process that often lacks both, to create bespoke designs for all. Bringing your vision to life is now efficient, affordable, and hassle-free with DEAZLY.


The journey started when our founder Ketan honed his inner Batman, working as an architect by day and designer by night. He discovered that the traditional business model of interior design is too expensive for most homeowners. It didn’t take him long to realize that architects and designers have created a service that is inaccessible for a vast majority of the population.

For most homeowners, hiring an interior designer can feel intimidating. The process is too fragmented, from identifying the right professionals and coordinating the tasks while ensuring a fair price and quality design. Hence, many homeowners end up working with a contractor that may not have design skills. Since contractors and builders are not designers, the result that doesn’t reflect the inspiration images that the homeowners have so fondly been saving on Pinterest and Instagram.

Determined to fix this and offer a bespoke experience to homeowners, Ketan built DEAZLY at the intersection of design and technology and as a much-needed bridge to creating an affordable interior design service. DEAZLY was launched on July 4th, 2021, and is already a trusted brand for home interior design for hundreds of homeowners in United States.

I started looking at the things that today’s homeowners actually cared about. The problem is that hiring a designer can cost you thousands of dollars. Some homeowners have an eye for interior design. But for most, they need guidance. That is why our philosophy at Deazly is to empower the homeowner. Whether you want our complete involvement or want just guidance, Deazly is here to meet your needs.

Ketan Doiphode, CEO & Founder

Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Arlington, VA, DEAZLY is 100% founder-owned and profitable.

Meet our Founder

Ketan 'K10' Doiphode

With a mind that runs on logic and creativity, Ketan is the most inimitable problem solver you will ever meet. He brings his 20 years of experience in architecture & project management to innovate at DEAZLY. With years of experience in leading worldwide brands and deep knowledge of consumers, he uses his expertise to lead at DEAZLY.

Previously, Ketan Doiphode was a core team member for the Brand Design Team at Marriott International working on lifestyle brands that included Delta Hotels, Sheraton, Marriott Hotels, Aloft, and AC hotels. He has also worked as an Interior Architect for the renowned firms, SOM and Forrest Perkins. He graduated with a Masters in Architecture degree from the Savannah College of Art & Design and holds a Masters in Business for Architecture & Design from IE Business School, Spain. Ketan grew up in Mumbai, India, and now lives in the DMV Metro Area.

Our Journey

  • DEAZLY was founded with the vision of make design accessible to all.
  • Projects in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland
  • Completed 80+ projects
  • Projects started in New Jersey and New York.
  • Kitchen Design service launched
  • 100+ projects designed so far

We’ll let our numbers do the talking

  • 100+Projects

  • 20+Expert Designers

The team behind our success

Our experienced, diverse, and collaborative team of experienced designers and experts are here to make your space the best it could be.


Our core values are at the heart of all that we do. They are integrated into our daily work lives and help us to remember our customers always comes first, the last thank you should always come from us.

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T Tess P.

I had a fantastic experience with the Deazly team! We shared our idea board with them prior to the consult call, which we reviewed in depth, so they were clear about what we were attracted to in each item we pinned.....

D Dan

The Deazly crew did an outstanding job on our bathroom remodel. Ketan was very easy to talk to and his team turned our bathroom design into a reality. They finished on time and made any adjustments we needed along the way...

SE Stephen & Erik

Fantastic Experience
Working with Deazly and Adeola was a fantastic experience. She understood our style and came up with great options. We were quickly able to refine and....

DG Deanna and Graham

We really loved working with Adeola and Ketan on our bathroom remodel. The process was made very easy for us. Adeola was able to create a wonderful and functional....

MS Michelle S.

Kadisha was great to work with and really made my vision come alive.

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