Browse through our frequently asked questions to learn more about the process, our designers, and what we can provide to you.

  • Q1: What is online interior design?
  • By simplifying the steps and embracing technology, we created an online interior design service that is a fun and affordable alternative to traditional interior design. Learn more about us in What’s Online Interior Design.

  • Q2: Who are the DEAZERS (e-designers)?
  • Our Interior Designers are professionals from across the United States & Canada. Designers apply and we review their education, experience, and qualification. Meet our designers and learn about them in Our Designers.

  • Q3: Can I talk to my DEAZER during the design process?
  • Yes! You'll communicate with your online interior designer during the design process via email and online video calls. You'll share ideas, inspiration, feedback, questions and answers.

  • Q4: How long does a typical project take?
  • Based on the selected package, your online interior design project will be completed in 14 to 30 days.

  • Q5: Can designers work with my existing furniture?
  • Absolutely. We can work around existing pieces or start your room design from scratch.

  • Q6: Do you offer 3D renderings of the new designs?
  • Depending on the project tier, the final deliverable will include a 3D design rendering. You can see what this looks like in Our Projects.

  • Q7: Do you offer online landscape or garden design?
  • Yes. We offer landscape design which also includes patio coverings, decks, porches and selection of outdoor furniture.

  • Q8: what are the execution milestones?
  • Our process involves 5 milestones: show us your style, let’s get introduced, see design concepts, revise and finalize, and shop selected products! Learn about our simple and transparent process here.

  • Q9: Can I get just get a part of my home designed?
  • We are happy to design just a part of your home for you. We created our service so we can cater to the smallest of needs.

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