Extending The Blue

Project Code: 004-050-A


Mid-Century Modern

Design Concept

Extending The Blue


This option presents a visually bold experience. The dark blue wallpaper on the vanity wall serves double duty. First, it provides a focal point in the room with an impactful statement upon entry. Second, the deep blue is a visually “reced- ing” color that will make the room feel larger by going away from the eye and visually extending the space. We’ve used neutral paint on the adjacent walls and the main wall tile at the tub as a backdrop to the focal wall. The depth of experi- ence is further reinforced by the use of a dark tile with a hint of blue and a subtle metallic shimmer on the floor, adding another strong visual dimension to the space. The vertical accent of matching floor tile found on the tub niche wall ties the pallet together. Mixed metals in chrome with a small sprinkling of gold, the geometric patterned wallpaper, and the crisp clean vertical stripe on the niche wall, create an impactful and unique experience that speaks to the mid-century modern vibe.

Salient Features

Floating Shelves above the toilet
Vanity with Storage
Medicine Cabinet Mirror
Window Covering

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Designed By:

Merrit Jackson

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