Balanced Bold

Project Code: 004-047-B

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Glam Mid-Century Modern

Design Concept

Balanced Bold


This design focuses on the introduction of bold colors, a modern composition of geometric shapes, and the graphic contradiction of black and white often seen in the midcentury modern interior. The dark terrazzo floor gives the space a deep visual ground while the white walls serve as an equally bright opposing force. One of the coolest features of this design is the way the ebony floor tile seamlessly turns up the feature wall and shower wall to visually tie the space together. The use of the modern vertical tile accents speaks to the lineal feel of the wallpaper pattern. This option offers an abundance of fun and bold but in a beautifully balanced way.  Black fixtures and accessories are used to accent the terrazzo floor and provide a crisp contrast to the white walls and tile.      

Salient Features

L.E.D mirror medicine mirror cabinet
Black matte hardware
Toilet/ bidet combo
Contemporary & industrial vanity light
Mid-century style wallpaper with bright bold colors
Ebony terrazzo tiles at floor and wall
Accent walls used to form a purposeful composition

Products & Fixtures Estimate

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Designed By:

Merrit Jackson

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