“organic Meets Geometry.” A Midcentury Modern Romance

Project Code: 004-047-A

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Glam Mid-Century Modern

Design Concept

“organic Meets Geometry.” A Midcentury Modern Romance


In this design, the classic midcentury modern organic is introduced in a way that pays homage to the clean geometry for which the movement is known.  A simplified floral wallpaper shares a leading role with a stunning tile on the feature wall.  A neutral terrazzo floor plays a supporting role, while clean white walls serve as a crisp backdrop to let the stars of the show shine.  We’ve dressed the scene with modern chrome fixtures and accessories.  The feature wall tile comes back for an encore on the shower niche wall, to carry a visual thread of bold color to the opposing side of the room.

Salient Features

L.E.D mirror medicine mirror cabinet
Chrome hardware
Contemporary & sleek vanity light
Toilet/bidet combo
Mid-century style wallpaper
Terrazo tiles 􀀂 floor
Accent tiles at vanity wall

Products & Fixtures Estimate

Coming Soon

Designed By:

Merrit Jackson

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