Farm To Sink

Project Code: 004-074-B

Tier 2 Projects



Design Concept

Farm To Sink


The showstopper of this space is the vanity sink with a dainty, black matte frame and a farmhouse inspired Faucet. All other fixtures are simple with modern profiles. The use of wood at the vanity mirror & live edge Shelf introduces natural elements and provides warmth within the space. Without the graphic wallcovering On the ceiling the space reads overall as neutral, however this highly patterned design creates interest and Offers a unexpected surprise.

Salient Features

Vanity with Stylized Frame
Black Matte Finishes
Painted Beadboard Wainscot
Patterned Flooring & Ceiling Wallcovering
Natural Wood Framed Mirror
Lantern Inspired Vanity Sconce

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Designed By:

Marybeth Poston

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