The Classic Tuxedo

Project Code: 004-051-A



Design Concept

The Classic Tuxedo


In this option, the sink wall becomes the focal point of the room, with a full height installation of a unique arabesque shaped wall tile in a black antique brick texture. The visual depth of this tile serves to highlight the “WOW” effect of a saturated shamrock green paint color on the vanity. We’ve finished the vista with gold accents on the hardware, mirrors and light fixtures which provides a feminine softness to contrast the masculinity of the industrial shower door system, fixtures and accessories. The scrolling medallion motif on the floor pays homage to shape of the vanity wall tile. The two together serve to visually balance the geometric herringbone pattern of the shower wall and grid pattern on the glass shower door. The black and white is a sophisticated combination that withstands the shelf life of trendy and offers a classic, timeless look.

Salient Features

Shelves over the toilet for storage
Custom Painted Vanity
Niche in Shower
Foot Rest

Products & Fixtures Estimate

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Designed By:

Pooja Gulati

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