Aleksandra Nenadic

Novi Sad Serbia

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My Design Style is

Classic Eclectic Glam Modern Modern-Farmhouse Transitional

My design philosophy is

I believe that well designed and decorated environments create happiness, calmness and peace. And a happy, calm and peaceful environment is a healthy environment. My educational background is in healthcare and so no matter where I worked, I always made sure to decorate my working space in a way that would make my patients feel well and welcome when they came to see me. Hence, I always strive to design spaces that have a sense of coziness, wellness and healing.

Fun Fact about me

In my spare time, I like to work out, play golf and read. I am also a chocolate lover and have to have some every day. 

I love E-design because

I think it’s fantastic that technology has enabled us to help design a space for a client who may be anywhere in the world. I also think that it’s very cool that we can show our client what their space will look like before the project even starts, so they know what to expect. I think that this is important because it’s easier to make changes on an image than after the project has been finished.

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