This Moment Is Timeless, Yet It Is Always New

Project Code: 004-017-B

Tier 2 Projects


Classic Modern

Design Concept

This Moment Is Timeless, Yet It Is Always New


The porcelain tile in marble finish with its linear darker gray veins that spread across a surface of lighter gray create a gentle appearance that is timeless. The large-format Venato Bianco porcelain tiles 48” x 102” on the shower wall makes the room look bigger. Coupled with custom grey cabinets and an led mirror make the room appears modern, sleek, and luxurious. To maintain modern clean aesthetics, the Venato Bianco tile is applied in three different formats and finishes􀀁 48” x 102” polished finish􀀃 on the shower wall, mosaic regular finish on the shower floor, and 12” x 24” 􀀂regular􀀃 on the floor.

Salient Features

Classic textures and finishes
48” x 102” large format tiles on the shower wall
Porcelain tiles (Venato Bianco) in various marble finishes and formats
Led mirror
Custom lower and over counter cabinets
Hardware in polished chrome
Modern barn/ sliding door

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Designed By:

Ann Hsieh

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