Powder Room

Dreaming In The Clouds (Light Scheme)

Project Code: 004-059-C



Design Concept

Dreaming In The Clouds (Light Scheme)


The redesign of this space transforms it into a soft transitional interior. The polished wall tile adds a shimmer, like the sun shining through the clouds. The blue-gray walls are reminiscent of a stormy sky while the floor tile coloration ap- pears like cloud formations. The window trim has been modernized and blends in with the wall paint. Natural wood elements are introduced into the palette with the vanity cabinet and woven window coverings, and the gold bath ac- cessories shine against the other finishes. Acrylic décor, such as the vanity mirror and artwork ledge, is added for a soft, floating a?ect.

Salient Features

Acrylic & gold accented mirror
Polished wall tiles
Natural woven window shade
Gold accents
Simplified window trim

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Designed By:

Marybeth Poston

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