The Core Of Beauty Is Simplicity

Project Code: 004-055-A



Design Concept

The Core Of Beauty Is Simplicity


High contrast finishes make this bathroom moody and sophisticated, yet still fresh. The wall tile begins at the vanity wall and continues to the floor and onto the shower wall. The floating vanity cabinet gives a sense that it is a piece of furni- ture. Additionally, concealed finger pulls keeps the façade clean and the warm wood finish balances nicely against the grey/ white color palette. The perimeter of the floor length mirror glows for additional lighting. The contemporary entry door is a mix of wood and frosted glass panels, allowing additional light to penetrate the space. The niches in the wet area provide ample storage for body products.

Salient Features

Double floating vanity
Warm wood finishes
Black matte finishes
Shower/ tub wet area

Products & Fixtures Estimate

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Designed By:

Marybeth Poston

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