What is E-design, aka Online Interior Design?

Working with a professional interior designer is easy with e-design

The decision is made—you are ready to tackle a home interior renovation project. Whether it is a bathroom or kitchen remodel, you have gathered pretty pictures and drooling over beautiful spaces.

You have researched the ‘Best Kitchen Bathroom Interior design firm.’ You want to transform your home, but where do you begin?

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Friends and family may have an interior designer or contractor recommendations, or you may Google- Interior designer near me. But…after a few calls to gather information or some website reviews, you may already feel overwhelmed. And if you proceed with meeting a few bathroom kitchen designers in person, the description of the process and the price tag associated with it may stop you in your tracks. The feeling of disappointment overcomes you—your renovation dream seems crushed.

What is e-design?

Nobody wants that, not even the interior designers who are caught up in the traditional business model of many firms. That is where e-design with Deazly can save the day…and your renovation dream. E-design (online interior design) streamlines the design process into simple steps and fixed fees. It leverages technology to connect you with a design team that is the right fit for you. And it brings all of the excitement back to your process. You get to share your pretty pictures, and a professional interior designer shows you how to transform your unique space into the kitchen or bathroom you have been dreaming about.

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The Interior Design service you need at a price you can afford.

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Virtual Interior Designer

There are numerous benefits to choosing Deazly’s e-design services to support your home interior project. First and foremost, we can provide design services anywhere in the United States. Since e-design is online, we are at your service, no matter where you live. All we need are your room measurements. The Deazly way has a simple five-step process, a team of professional designers, and four pricing plans.

NY Times article about this new trend.

 Let us break down more benefits for you.

1. Easy & Affordable- Flat rate fees.

As we said, we have broken the more convoluted traditional interior process down into five easy-to-understand steps and four pricing plans. It doesn’t get much better than that. We clearly define what happens in each stage and the deliverables you receive. We are happy to answer any questions you have before we start. Refer to the pricing of our affordable bathroom kitchen interior design services- Link

2. Access to Exceptional Design Talent

With Deazly, you can access the best designers in the United States. Our team of designers, or as we like to call them—deazers, have different backgrounds, schedules, and styles. No matter where you live or where they live, we match you with the perfect deazer for you and your project. Selecting the right designer can be a difficult decision and part of what holds up your renovation process. We make that step easy for you too!

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3. Efficient & Collaborative

Our clients tend to have busy work and home lives. Does that sound like you? You don’t have time to travel across town for meetings or take a day or more off for long shopping trips. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to be part of the process. With e-design, you can meet with your deazer in the comfort of your home. You can correspond via email and have video conference sessions. You can give your deazer a video tour of your home and project space, have in-depth conversations, and provide feedback on concepts. Then you can log off and go about your day or have a relaxing evening. You are an essential part of the process, yet you have experts guiding you, advising you, and keeping your project on track.

4. Highly Visual

From start to finish, this is a highly visual process. You share your vision with Pinterest boards or inspirational modern farmhouse interior images. And you take a quiz, which includes selecting photos that express your style. You also show your deazer pictures of your project space and the existing conditions and challenges. You then can virtually meet your team to establish a rapport and personal connection. You will receive two design concepts in 3D for review within two to three weeks. Can you believe it? Realistic images of what your kitchen or bathroom could look like. With feedback, the team then adjusts the designs (up to two rounds of revisions - for a total of three design phases)—and then you receive updated 3D images. And when all is said and done—and approved, you receive highly realistic 3D images of your exact room. That is something to get excited about!

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5. Transparent

Not only do you receive images of your room, but your design package also includes a shoppable list of all the furniture, finishes, and fixtures (at each design phase) to make your project a reality. This list includes pricing and links to make the purchases. Since you receive an estimated budget from the get-go, the team will adjust accordingly in the next phase if you feel the cost is more than what you would like to spend. 
No budget surprises or designer mark-ups. What you see is what you get. And if you run into problems with a specific item, you can follow up with your deazer for assistance—and, if needed, an alternate product selection. We are here for you every step of the way, even when the project is out of our hands and in construction with your selected contractor.

So, suppose you are looking for a design process that is easy, affordable, efficient, collaborative, highly visual, transparent, and spearheaded by top-notch design talent. In that case, e-design is the right choice for you. And if you are specifically looking for a team to tackle kitchen and bathroom renovations, then Deazly is at your service.

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DEAZLY, INC is an online interior design (e-design) studio based in Arlington, Virginia, launched in 2021 and now serving Washington, DC, and Maryland. Deazly provides kitchen and bathroom design services that offer bespoke designs for home renovation projects (all shown in realistic 3D) via an engaging and transparent process at a flat price. Since launching in July 2021, the company has completed over 100+ projects for satisfied customers.

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