3 Most popular bathroom interior design styles

If you have been researching how to design your home's interior, you probably have come across different interior design styles such as "Eclectic interior design style," ''bohemian interior design style," etc. These terms refer to various interior concepts. Clients usually have specific style preferences based on their experiences. They need guidance and direction from professional interior designers to get a cohesive look and source suitable materials. 

Interior design styles for your house interiors are abundant, unique, and confusing. If you're struggling to find your signature design style, try our Deazly design style quiz on our interior design website.

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This blog will highlight some of the most popular trending bathroom interior styles that have stood the test of time. Our interior design company has designed 120 bathroom projects, so we know a thing or two about styles. Here are the most popular styles in bathroom designs:

  • Mid-century Modern Design Style
The mid-century modern interiors initially rose to prominence between the 1930s and 1960s, but it's been having a resurgence recently, and you can thank Mad Men for that. Defined by clean lines, organic forms, and minimal ornamentation, the Mid-Century modern style has an undeniably timeless appeal. 
Midcentury modern interior design
While this style lacks bold colors, the tone-on-tone schemes win hands down. Warm neutrals to dark brown, taupe, and vanilla are characteristic colors of this design style. The mid-century modern style uses warm woods with purposeful details and styling. Teak helps bring warmth and texture to the space. Along with a lot of wood and metal, glass is often used in tension with each other to create a unique look.
A home designed with the Mid-Century Modern Style has a retro feel with a fresh twist making it one of the most preferred interior design styles. 

  • Modern Farmhouse Design Style
This design style is an excellent example of how two very different styles coexist. Modern farmhouse style marries the minimalism and clean lines of modern design but incorporates natural elements from the farmhouse style. The core idea of the modern farmhouse-style interiors is to use features from the countryside, industrial parts, and vintage pieces to evoke warmth and comfort. 
Modern farmhoue interior design
Wood elements and white tones are indicative of the farmhouse style. Think shiplap, exposed wood beams, and wood floors. Reclaimed wood, vintage pieces, various patterns in tiles, and raw materials are used to add depth and layers to this style.
The modern interior design style allows us to unite with nature since it uses many organic and natural materials. 

  • Modern Design Style
Modern interior design is a style of interior design that emerged in the early twentieth century and continues to inspire contemporary interior designers. 
Modern bathroom interior design
Geometric shapes and forms characterize the modern interior design style. Clean lines, neutral colors, emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines with fewer curves, natural materials, concrete finishes, and minimal home décor are the defining elements of Modern design. 
The core idea of the modern style is to create simple and clutter-free homes and avoid unnecessary adornments. The fundamental belief behind the modern design movement is that "form follows function," Therefore, everything used in a modern home fulfills a practical purpose. Here is a video of a bathroom that we recently designed for a client in Arlington, Virginia.

  • Transitional Design Style
The transitional interior design style aims at reviving traditional elements with a modern interior design. Elegance and timelessness are the primary areas of focus in this style. 
Transitional interior design
Whereas traditional interior design style can sometimes feel heavy, modern design leans on minimalism. But transitional interior design uses elements from both to create a classic and fresh concept. The style highlights clean lines, distinct focal points, and metallic accents. A transitional design color palette creates a serene and soothing environment by applying whites, creams, grays, and tans to create a clean palette. Designs usually have singular focal points made with accent colors and patterns.
This is one of the most popular interior design styles and is used in many properties built to sell since it balances two styles and caters to more people than a few. 

  Check out our recent projects and find something that inspires you. 


Choosing the right look for your home can be challenging with many decorating styles. So before commencing, research each style. The fact is, though, that most clients end up combining elements of several styles to get that personal touch. This could be due to different preferences between family members, or maybe they love an exceptionally unique product and want to ensure it works within a different style palette. In addition, the preferred style is sometimes guided by whether the client wants to sell the property in the future, thus bringing in the best return on investment. Therefore, to find the interior design style that best fits you, do extensive research on each type and choose the one that best suits you, inspires you, and accommodates each need.

We have highlighted only a few popular styles in our blog. Here is a link to an article that explains all the various interior design styles.


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