Traditionally hiring an interior designer has been expensive. But So where can you turn? Nowhere, until now!

Using technology, we have lowered our production cost and offer radically affordable service that work for you to build your dream space.

We believe in the power of harnessing the internet's vast options. Getting a taxi, dating, shoe shopping are activities that have moved from the real to the digital realm, so it’s about time the business of interior design changed. Enter online interior design – also known as “e-design.” Using technology, we have lowered our production cost and offer radically affordable service that work for you to build your dream space. You collaborate virtually with a designer to build your dream.

Is this for you?

So you have decided that your room needs an upgrade but worried about where to start. Whether you’re moving to a new home or just need to spruce up a room, using an interior designer can help you create a picture-perfect space. The problem is that the process is time consuming and can cost you thousands of dollars, so most homeowners up decide giving on there vision. Some people have an eye for interior design, and they know upfront how to evenly weight the practicalities of life, objects and personal style in one design. But for most of us we need some kind guidance, some more than others. Therefore, we have created an interior design service that is flexible and can meet your needs at various levels without creating a hole in your pocket. This type of service offers clients access to the expertise of a designer in a way that’s tailored to a tech-savvy, budget-conscious, do-it-yourself generation but is yet simple, flexible and hassle-free experience. Whether you want our complete involvement or want to do it yourself we are here to meet your needs.

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How does it compare to working with a traditional designer?

There will always be demand for full-service, luxury design and it’s important to recognize the distinctions between the two target client segments and business models. We cannot replace the kind of precision in a full service online interior practice, but online interior design services is a great option if you're looking to redesign your home, but you don't necessarily have the budget for a full interior design service which can be a lengthy, tedious, demanding process and not necessarily collaborative. Instead we offer a personalized service that’s hyper-conscious of budget, whatever that may be. We prefer our clients to be active participants in the design process- handling many of the logistical aspects like measuring their space, ordering the items, and installation- while the designer puts the look together and provides tools for them to be able to carry it out. We empower our clients to achieve their dream space.

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